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Why Lomonosov called language of Rossia as not Russian but Rossian language?.


Автор: М.Терлецький
29 липня 2021 р.

Rossia is not Russia,
Rossian is not Russian


First, Lomonosov was a brilliant polyglot. He spoke eleven languages and read another three dozen languages without a dictionary and could speak and understand quite well. Therefore, it was obvious to him that the modern for him Rossian language had almost nothing in common with the Old Russian (Russian). And for this Rossian language it was necessary to create a scientific basis from zero.

And Lomonosov wrote a number of works on the language, among which was the "Rossian grammar", which for the first time outlined the main rules of the Rossian language. “Отважась в оное, сколько мог я измерить, сочинил малый сей и общий чертеж всея обширности -- Российскую грамматику, главные только правила в себе содержащую.”

Secondly, the Rossian language, the grammar of which he created, was intended for official using not in Rus but in the Rossian Empire, consisting the multi-tribal composition of the Rosses.

Thirdly, Catherine II, as the most European educated person among the rulers of the All-Russian Empire before and after her, upon arrival in the Russian Empire, having gained access to archival sources, made tremendous efforts to study the primary sources and, based on the results, realized that the country was not the successor of Rus and her whole story is built on epic mythology. Obviously, Catherine II, setting such an ambitious task, could simplify its solution and change the letter ‘O’ in into ‘U’ in the words Rossia and Rossian. But in the eyes of the European figures of the Enlightenment, with whom she maintained friendly relations, this would be an obvious theft, pulling someone else's history onto herself in order to hide her own ugliness.

In the first decades of the 21st century, when V. Putin came to power in Russia, he set the task for historians to examine the history of Rossia and its language.

In this area, the word Rossian am replaced by Russian everywhere. What the enlightened Catherine II could not afford has become possible in modern Russia. The Rossian language began to be called Russian, the Society of Lovers of Rossian Literature in 2016, at the suggestion of the authorities, began to be called the Society of Russian Literature, at the congress of which its tasks were voiced by the President of Rossia.

It should also be noted that large-scale neurolinguistic programming has been launched on all Rossian channels to replace the concept of "Rossian" with "Russian" in the minds of people. However, if the Earth revolves around the Sun, then no propaganda can force them to change places. The same will happen with the concepts "Rossian" and "Russian".

В России сленг, а не русский язык. Перевод невозможен.
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