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What will the talks between Rossia and Ukraine bring to NATO and the United States now?

Автор: М.Терлецький
23 липня 2023 р.




Помилка не так важлива сама по собі, як те, що вона тягне за собою багато інших гірших помилок

What will the talks between Rossia and Ukraine bring to NATO and the United States now?

In Rossia's ongoing war against Ukraine, NATO and the United States are helping Ukraine in its just fight against the Lukashenko-Putin aggressor.

Information has appeared and is being discussed in the public sphere that the United States is negotiating with Rossia on the issue of a "peace" agreement between Ukraine and Rossia.

In this regard, a natural question arises, "How can the possible outcome of the negotiations affect Ukraine, Rossia, NATO and the United States?"

Let's leave aside the hypothetical scenario of Ukraine's loss, i.e. capitulation.

Because in this case, Ukraine will find itself in the most difficult conditions.

There will also be a complete collapse of the existing geopolitical structure of the world order, the collapse of the image of the United States and NATO against the background of the rise in the role of Rossia and China in the world and the transition to the latter the title of countries No. 1 in the world and the rest of the world joining them.

There is another hypothetical scenario. Ukraine does not fully liberate its territories, but the West forces it to the negotiating table. What will happen in this case?

1. NATO and the US are no longer the No. 1 military and economic power in the world.

2. China is satisfied. The circle of participants in the union of states that have joined it is increasing. The issue of Taiwan becomes a matter of time.

3. There is an unprecedented rise in Rossia, propagandists on all channels and around the world are broadcasting about the superiority of Rossians over the West and the USA, about their victory over the world gendarme, about the collapse of the unipolar world, about the military incapacity of NATO and the United States. There are growing prerequisites for a possible invasion of the Baltic countries and Poland, the connection of Kaliningrad with the territory of Rossia.

4. The upcoming elections in the US begin against the backdrop of a huge disappointment of Americans with the politics of power and a sense of humiliation of their great country. It is not difficult to guess the conclusions they will draw.

And my conclusion is this. The United States and NATO should put aside the feeling of fear and indecision regarding Rossia. Such indecision has already led to the loss of time in order not to come to the described negative consequences for them. Either they are afraid to transfer long-range weapons, then planes, then they are categorically against the destruction of the forces and means of the aggressor attacking Ukraine from their territory, then they are afraid to put things in order with Rossian piracy in the Black Sea. And with each passing day, such actions by NATO and the United States do not remove them from the described negative consequences. However, let them think and choose the option themselves, which is still only hypothetical.











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