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NATO's grave mistakes

Автор: М.Терлецький
02 серпня 2023 р.




Помилка не так важлива сама по собі, як те, що вона тягне за собою багато інших гірших помилок

While NATO and the United States have been philosophizing since the fall of last year, how not to give what is necessary so that Ukrainian troops do not hasten the defeat of the then demoralized enemy troops, Russia has been building defense lines one after another and mining thousands of square kilometers.

Hence the additional costs in the resources allocated by the West, and the AFU's huge problems.

What do we see today? Wandering from one unresolved problem to a new one. And the lack of understanding that without defeating Rossia now the United States will have not only a problem with China, but also Rossia, which is already provoking on the NATO border and clearly showing readiness for an attack.

The situation is worse than before leaving Afghanistan.

Mistakes, mistakes...











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